Salutem Plurimam

Welcome to the Web Site for Classical Latin! Here you will find material that supports and expands on the textbook.

Listening to the readings on the Audio page will help you achieve a consistent, accurate and confident pronunciation of Latin. Note that recordings of the vocabulary for each chapter can be found in Exercitationes.

The Exercitationes (Exercises) will help you with vocabulary, word formations, and grammar. These online exercises offer a variety of ways to reinforce the material in each chapter. Regular practice online will make learning Latin even easier.

Farrago (Hodgepodge) gives additional information about the material introduced in each chapter. You will probably find this particularly interesting after you have worked through the chapter itself.

Cultura offers some basic information about the people, places, events and institutions that shaped the Roman world.

Exempli Gratia offers a preview of the textbook and workbook.

Ad Forum (To Market).

Mundus Araneosus (The World Full of Spiders’ Webs) provides links to many websites of classical interest.

De Grammatico (About the Teacher).

Carmen Porcinum (The Piggy Poem). Be sure to have your audio turned up.