Catullus 101

Multās per gentēs et multa per aequora vectus

adveniō hās miserās, frāter, ad inferiās,

ut tē postrēmō dōnārem mūnere mortis

et mūtam nēquīquam alloquerer cinerem.

quandoquidem fortūna mihī tētē abstulit ipsum.

heu miser indignē frāter adempte mihi,

nunc tamen intereā haec, priscō quae mōre parentum

trādita sunt tristī mūnere ad inferiās,

accipe frāternō multum mānantia flētū,

atque in perpetuum, frāter, avē atque valē.

Carried through many peoples and over many seas, I come, my brother, to these wretched funeral-rites, so that I may grant you a final death-gift and speak in vain to your mute ashes. Since fortune has taken you yourself away from me – alas, my wretched brother taken undeservedly from me! – even so, now in any case accept these things which are bestowed according to the ancient custom of our ancestors as a sad gift to be a funeral offering; accept them wet with a brother’s many tears, and forever, my brother, hail and farewell.

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